National Urban Agenda

We call for a national policy agenda that addresses these problems by redistributing funding from the wealthy to those who need it most, addressing current and past inequities. There are three pillars to our policy agenda. Establishing a right to housing will provide a rationale to move funding from MID to subsidized and supportive housing and undercut the idea that housing is purely an asset. Creating a gentrification index, or G-Index, will target housing funding to areas that were under-invested in the past and face the greatest housing discrepancies today. Re-establishing the social safety net will correct inter-personal inequalities and help underprivileged communities build the wealth that has been denied them in the past.

Explore the Policy Agenda Items:

Redistribute government subsidies to benefit those most in need.

Actively address spatial inequities when deciding where to allocate funding.

Address the individual inequities that lie at the heart of housing instability.