Local Policy Goals

Local Policy Goals.

By working towards these seven goals, cities can harness gentrification and distribute its benefits to vulnerable residents. While all the policies in the toolkit work together to achieve our vision of equitable growth, some policies are particularly targeted to each goal. Learn more about each goal and the policies that help achieve it below.

Enable homeowners and local businesses to resist involuntary displacement and instead capture the benefits of gentrification.

Protect tenant rights to discourage predatory landlord practices, eviction, price increases, and poor quality.

Increase community agency in shaping neighborhood change and growth.

Enable people to stay in their communities, return if displaced, and adapt to new environments if already displaced.

Increase overall housing supply to match population growth at all income levels.

Prevent loss of income for vulnerable populations.

Ensure that local service providers can afford to continue serving communities and can build capacity to serve new arrivals.